Operational Programmme "Development of Eastern Poland" 2007-2013


 OP DEP Institutional Framework:

GDDKiA is a beneficiary of 10 individual projects from the main list within Priority Axis IV: Transport infrastructure, Measure 4.1: Road infrastructure. Over PLN 851 million has been allocated to GDDKiA projects.


The updated list of individual projects of the Operational Programme: Development of Eastern Poland for the years 2007-2013 is available at: http://www.mir.gov.pl/media/8400/LPI_aktualizacja_20150828.pdf



GDDKiA all projects co-financed by EU funds under PORPW 2007-2013 were completed in terms of material and financial. GDDKiA was the beneficiary of 10 EU projects (the full list of agreements). Throughout the duration of the financial perspective GDDKiA filed 202 requests for payment for the amount of eligible expenses 1 487.9 million zł. The amount certified and used EU funding to 859.1 million zł. The European Commission refund the due execution of road projects totaling nearly 825.7 million zł. GDDKiA is expected to refund the final payments for individual projects.