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Oddział w Bydgoszczy
ul. Fordońska 6
85-085 Bydgoszcz

tel. centr. 52 323 45 00
fax 52 323 45 04
NIP 554-22-52-485


Oddział w Gdańsku
ul. Subisława 5
80-354 Gdańsk

tel. centr. 58 511 24 00
fax 58 511 24 05
NIP 584-24-56-536


Oddział w Białystoku
ul. Zwycięstwa 2
15-703 Białystok

tel. centr. 85 664 58 00
fax 85 651 37 83
NIP 542-27-52-914


Oddział w Katowicach
ul. Myśliwska 5
40-017 Katowice

tel. centr. 32 258 62 81
fax 32 259 87 10
NIP 954-24-02-923


Oddział w Kielcach
ul. Paderewskiego 43/45
25-950 Kielce

tel. 41 34 03 900, 41 345 74 31
fax 41 366 48 04
NIP 657-03-86-703


Oddział w Krakowie
ul. Mogilska 25
31-542 Kraków

tel. centr. 12 417 25 00
fax 12 411 01 18
NIP 675-12-72-475


Oddział w Lublinie
ul. Ogrodowa 21
20-075 Lublin

tel. 81 532 70 61
fax 81 743 71 68
NIP 712-24-27-134


Oddział w Łodzi
ul. Irysowa 2
91-857 Łódź

tel. centr. 42 233 96 00
fax 42 233 96 08
NIP 725-17-13-273


Oddział w Olsztynie
ul. Warszawska 89
10-083 Olsztyn

tel. centr. 89 521 28 00
fax 89 527 23 07
NIP 739-32-79-711


Oddział w Opolu
ul. Niedziałkowskiego 6
45-085 Opole

tel. centr. 77 401 63 00
fax 77 454 44 68
NIP 754-00-03-773


Oddział w Poznaniu
ul. Siemiradzkiego 5a
60-763 Poznań

tel. centr. 61 866 88 21
fax 61 864 63 69
NIP 779-21-73-262


Oddział w Rzeszowie
ul. Legionów 20
35-959 Rzeszów

tel. centr. 17 853 40 71 do 74
fax 17 853 64 84
NIP 813-11-06-223


Oddział w Szczecinie
Al. Bohaterów Warszawy 33
70-340 Szczecin

tel. centr. 91 432 53 00
fax 91 484 39 97
NIP 852-23-53-687


Oddział w Warszawie
ul. Mińska 25
03-808 Warszawa

tel. centr. 22 209 25 00
fax 22 698 60 45
NIP 113-20-97-244


Oddział w Wrocławiu
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 186
53-139 Wrocław

tel. centr. 71 334 73 00
fax 71 367 17 69
NIP 899-24-41-331


Oddział w Zielonej Górze
ul. Boh. Westerplatte 31
65-950 Zielona Góra

tel. centr. 68 327 10 68
fax 68 325 34 68
NIP 929-01-16-588


GDDKiA WebsiteGDDKiAArchive 2012

  • XV International Winter Road Congress 2018

  • Traffic Restrictions during the EURO 2012 Championships


    On 7 June 2012, the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy on traffic restrictions and ban for certain types of vehicles on some sections of national roads between 8 June 2012 and 29 June 2012, come into force.

  • Environment properly protected. EU money not threatened.


    The ring-road of Mińsk Mazowiecki was prepared and is being constructed in such a way that there is no risk of losing EU funds due to environment protection. As early as in 2008, that is when the investment was prepared, the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways acted in accordance with the EU requirements , despite the lack of full regulations in this respect in the Polish legal system.

  • The map of road network subject to electronic and manual toll collection system in 2012


    Beginning with July 2012, the network of toll national roads within the viaTOLL system will be extended by new sections: S7 Elbląg – junction Pasłęk Północ, DK91 crossroads with DK6 – junction Nowe Marzy, DK91 crossroads with S5 – Łysomice (crossroads with voivodeship road no 552), DK92 Września – border of the town of Konin, DK92 border of the town of Konin – Łowicz (crossroads with DK2 and DK14), DK94 junction Modlnica – Radzikowski Junction. On the above-mentioned sections the Operator of the National System of Toll Collection – consortium Kapsch will place special gates and will start collecting tolls from drivers of lorries travelling along these roads.

  • Further subsidies from the European Commission


    In February 2012 the European Commission refunded the sum of PLN 970 million on account expenditures incurred by the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways within road projects accomplished as a part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. Projects accomplished by the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways within of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment have already brought Poland refund at the level of almost PLN 18.5 million since the beginning of this Programme, that is since 2007.

  • The communication of the Ministry of Transport


    source MTCME

    On the 19th March this year in the office of the ministry there was held a meeting of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy Sławomir Nowak with the representatives of the Parliamentary Club of the Law and Justice: Jerzy Polaczek, Andrzej Adamczyk, Krzysztof Tchórzewski and Jerzy Szmit, and also the Chairman of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee Zbigniew Rynasiewicz (Civic Platform) and the Vice Chairman of the Committee Stanisław Żmijan (CP). The Secretary of the State in the MTCME Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz and the General Director for National Roads and Motorways Lech Witecki were present. During the meeting the situation on the construction site of the section C of the A2 motorway between Łódź and Warszawa was discussed, the subcontractors of the DSS SA presented their difficult situation in the settlement with DSS SA.

  • Joint and several liability – protection by law


    General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways reminds the subcontractors of the construction works, that the legal protection indicated in Article 6471 of the Civil Code (so-called joint and several liability) is vested in them. To such protection are entitled the subcontractors approved by the GDDKiA.

  • Eurovia – 99 cracks covered with 3 lies


    With regard to the Wednesday’s statement of the Eurovia company, incorporated into the Vinci group, which is the polemic with the facts determined in the course of the detailed laboratory tests, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways informs:

  • The leader constructing the A2 motorway on the section C has changed


    The fulfilment of the contractual obligations, including making up for the delays, was the aim of the change of the leader of the consortium constructing section C of the A2 motorway. The company BOGL a KRYSL took over all works from the Dolnośląskie Surowce Skalne. The DSS remains the member of the consortium.

  • Is it possible to construct a good road?


    The results of the tests conducted by the GDDKiA laboratories are shocking – more than 90 percent of the cracks on the A2 route resulted from the obvious construction malpractice – the improper technological junctions of the particular layers of the road surface or the improper saw cutting of the layers of the motorway.